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Lerc TST


History, location :
LERC.TST is able to produce the broadest range of insulating sticks and poles offering the very best level of dielectric and mechanical withstand.
In the fields of ‘’ live working ’’, voltage detection, safety operating procedures or even insulating support of line and railways catenaries, LERC.TST is able to design solutions based on this know-how and labeled IEC 60855.

The product range :
- Insulating Sticks and tools
Grip all sticks and extension.
Operating sticks.
Cutters stick.
Holding sticks and tie sticks.
Universal stick with sunrise adaptors for a whole range of adapted tools.
- Stain pole, support pole and accessories
Strain poles and suspension pullers.
Support poles auxiliary arms.
Blocks clamp, swivel and saddles.
- Conductor covers
- Platforms and insulating ladders
- By pass Jumpers, load breaker
- Test and measure
Voltage detectors.
Wireless phasing tester.
Rope and stick tester.
Conductor and busbar gauge.
- Insulating support of catenaries
- Customized Solutions for live working from low to very high Voltage

The brand's innovations, its experience :
- The electric characterization of any life working tool is bound to the conformity and the stability of the tube, also the added value of the development of life working tools is to be of mechanical order according to very high normative requirements.
- A complete range in LWA and LWB a conception of tools beyond the copying integrating the analysis of ergonomics (mass, balancing, remote picture)
- Technological choices allowing the adaptation of the tool to the typology of the customers installations
- A flexibility in the adaptation of the insulating tools on the basis of the tube of our manufacturing (NB: only the tube LERC.TST is authorized by the French Live Working Tools) completed by aluminum final manufactured elements
- A permanent exchange with the users and the national designers



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