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Sibille Safe


History, location:

The SIBILLE SAFE® plant is located in Malataverne (Drôme - France).

We have been developing this standalone brand since the start of the 2000s in order to offer network electricians worldwide a range of protective equipment.

With a strong experience in the field of risks related to works on electrical networks, we are designing and developing adapted protection solutions, to meet the most demanding requirements and expectations.


The product range:

The company offers a wide range of products and solutions to protect operators working on each type of electricity network (LV, MV, HV):

- Personal Protective Equipment (Directive EPI 89/686/CEE du 21.12.1989): insulating gloves, electricians' helmets, Arc-Flash protective clothing, safety shoes, insulating boots etc.

- Collective protective Equipment: Insulating mats, insulating sheets, insulating caps, insulating sleeves, insulating ladders, electrical site signage and lighting etc.

Lockout equipment: Padlocks, stickers and tags, circuit breaker lockouts, lock-out hasps etc.


Our resources:

We have our own R&D department as well as project groups and we carry out tests in an internal laboratory (dielectric, mechanical), on-site tests and tests in approved laboratories.


The brand's innovations, its experience:

We design and develop innovative, ergonomic and efficient products which protect network electricians.



Our products meet all the applicable product standards. Furthermore, we guarantee serial quality of our products by carrying out tests during and at the end of production.




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